Postmodernism Nostalgia

There're plenty of memes all around the internet comparing images on how we thought the future was meant to be decades ago, and how it is really going. Flying cars, crystal screens, black-based fashion, wires everywhere... Movies as naive as "Back to the future" as classics as "Blade runner" or "Matrix" depicted a visual universe and aesthetics that Marinetti first shown in its manifesto, along the artworks linked to the futuristic movement. Capitalism made the avant-garde movements collapse in favor of the revival of what we know now as "vintage" that once was considered "classic". The industrial brutalism in which the URSS was built and the ambition of creating from scratch, disappeared with it.

Since this is not a claim for communism nostalgia, let's move to the present, why instead flying cars, we buy Smeg Fridges that revive the shapes of the 50's? why do we try to retrieve the ink print effects digitally and fill our instagram stories with fake noise and grain? We seek the combination between the highest resolution and the charm of the tech errors of the past. The chrome arcade dinosaur game when the internet is gone, and the polaroid camera instagram used for its first logotype, are just a couple of examples.

We seek the combination between the highest resolution and the charm of the tech errors of the past

At the end, the Postmodernism era is sustained by nothing new but the influence, the reference, and the reference of the reference itself, which is nothing but a constant nostalgia of an ideal vision of the past in which we're trying to apply the technological progress of the present. The now classic Black Mirror' chapter "San Junipero" exemplifies perfectly the modern desire not to undertake the darkness of the present and the chasm that inspires on the future by relying on the creation of an everlasting past founded on aesthetics that has never existed but in our paranoia we'll never awake from until we want to dive into the darkness we really live in.

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