I'm Helena Postigo Matey, a creative based in Madrid London. Since 2021, I'm working in Jody and Luke's team at Pentagram. I previously worked at Interband Madrid as a Junior Designer (2019 – 2021) and at Erretres as an intern (2018 – 2019) while doing some freelance and small projects for fashion brands in between.
My work is focused on creating concept-driven narratives that provide systems that others can easily use.

Besides my work at Pentagram, I'm developing Track & Record, a project dedicated to my love to running, and writing a newsletter called Space for Independent Thought.

The clock at the bottom symbolizes the stoic concept of 'memento mori', a small hint of my passion to ancient greeks but also a self reminder of our mortal condition.

I’m always open to collaborate, initiate new projects or  just grabbing coffee. helposma@gmail.com @postigomatey

Digital Clock